In October the Moscow city court may be replaced by the President. According to “Kommersant” Olga Egorov in this post can change Michael Ptitsyn, more competition for the job, no one not involved.

the Current chair of Moscow city court Olga Yegorova, occupying this post for 20 years, decided not to nominate his candidacy for the fourth time. In October in its place may come the Chairman of the southern military district court Mikhail Ptitsyn, according to “Kommersant”, stressing that he is the only one who applied for participation in the competition.

the Supreme qualification Collegium of judges with the beginning of the year three times announced the recruitment for this job, but the candidate managed to find just now. 56-year-old Ptitsyn a graduate of the Gorky higher anti-aircraft rocket school of air defence, later he became a student of military-legal faculty of the Military Institute of the defense Ministry. In the court system since 1992.