The police led the activists of the group Extinction Rebellion, afterwards, to your person alien. A further group, which was covered with a transparency in front of the entrance of the Federal house position, was also discharged.

Although rallies are prohibited during the Session of the Federal Parliament, had given the police the activists a deadline to withdraw. These came the call, however. The demonstrators from around a dozen policeman were discharged officers.

What are the activists?

they put up no resistance. The action was peaceful. The activists are threatening because of the action buses. Extinction Rebellion has made in the last few weeks with various actions around the Federal Parliament building on the environmental destruction. Among other things, gallons of fake blood spilled on the bear’s space.

fail The government to take the necessary measures to irreversible damage, the group writes in a pamphlet that was distributed before the Federal house. Still, it is not too late. Together, let enough pressure build up to force the government to React.

Extinction Rebellion is active internationally. Last week had chained themselves activists, to the fence of the Chancellery in Berlin. In other cities it came to road blockages or funeral marches for extinct species. (SDA)

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