At the ceremony come from tanks of endangered sea turtles-made plates. The thin plates are heated over a fire until cracks form. From the cracks, the master of ceremonies read, where the rice of the new Emperor is to be fitted.

The ceremony of ascent of a new Power takes place only after the throne. After the abdication of his father, Akihito Naruhito had climbed at the beginning of may to the chrysanthemum throne.

Naruhito was in the Ritual of the present. He is the freshly harvested rice but at the Imperial harvest festival in November, Shinto gods of sacrifice. Last rice ceremony and harvest were held in thanksgiving of 1990, when Akihito became Emperor.

The tanks are from the sea turtles of about a thousand kilometers South of Tokyo, to the nearby Pacific Islands of Ogasawara. According to Authorities, the animals are part of a protection project. Only very few are allowed to be used for consumption and further processing.