The new name KG Mobility still has to be approved by the shareholders. But one thing is certain: SsangYong, Korea’s oldest carmaker, will be selling its cars under a new name in the future. This is also due to the image of the manufacturer.

SsangYong, Korea’s oldest automaker, was acquired by KG Group last year and the new owner is planning a name change. The manufacturer is to be renamed KG Mobility before the end of 2023 and all of its products are to receive a new KG logo. This was confirmed by KG Group CEO Kwak Jea-sun earlier this week.

“The name – SsangYong Motor – has a fan base with fond memories, but it also has a painful image,” Kwak told media representatives during an event hosted by the Korea Automobile Journalists Association in Seoul.

“From now on, all SsangYong cars will go out into the world under the KG name. Despite the name change, the history of SsangYong Motors will not change and [the automaker] will have the same premises.”

SsangYong’s roots go back to an automaker originally founded in 1954, although the name didn’t appear until the late 1980s. The South Korean carmaker was later bought by Daewoo.

Ownerships of SAIC Motor of China and Mahindra followed

Should the change get the green light, the new name will be accompanied by a complete marketing nine-start. Including a new brand logo and a new corporate identity.

The current name has now been in use for 35 years and Kwak admits that the decision to change the name was extremely difficult.

According to The Korea Herold, the new KG Mobility name is likely to signal a shift in SsangYong’s business strategy. Away from the traditional car manufacturer and towards a mobility brand.

We are curious to see whether the name change will also result in a realignment of the product portfolio and whether SsangYong has global ambitions in the future. Currently, the brand sells cars in South Korea, Australia, Europe and some other markets. The Torres SUV, an addition to the South Korean model family, was recently introduced.

This article was written by Anthony Karr

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