orange skin – a difficult Problem familiar to many women. Here, dents are something Natural, which it is not necessary to hide. Nevertheless, many of the Cellulite to say to the fight. Sports and exercise can help. A point that should also be observed and the influence on orange skin, is the diet.

What is Cellulite?

Because what we eat daily, has on the formation of the orange impact skin. Dents are an accumulation of bloated fat cells, the thighs, mostly in the thighs, buttocks and belly occur. This so-called problem zones but are not a coincidence: women are fitted at these Points, with reserve, save, and have a very flexible skin. The Reason For This? We are genetically predisposed, so that we can have children, and provide Cellulite therefore the best conditions.

According to the author Irène Grimm but that is no excuse to simply be with orange skin satisfied. Clearly, the dents are something Natural and not uncommon. But who wants to still do something against Cellulite companies that can improve with diet a lot.

In her book, “Cellulite STOP,” writes Grimm, therefore, among other things, the four “deadly sins” of our diet. These are not only unhealthy, but also promote Cellulite.

The four “deadly sins”

sugar contributes to Cellulite, because it goes directly into the fat cells. Furthermore, according to Grimm sugar in faster aging of cells and thus accelerates the formation of wrinkles.

E substances that give food a great flavor, color, thickening, homogenizing, or disinfect, make a longer shelf-life and enhance the taste. Due to these abilities they are contained in almost all foods. These ingredients go by the gut, liver, lymph, kidney and end up in the fat cells.

fats are a vital energy source for the body. However, TRANS fats are unhealthy. The author describes in the book: “TRANS fats are unsaturated fatty acids, the chemical hardening of fats arise.” This can be, for example, in the Heating of fat-about 200 degrees. So TRANS fatty acids are included in many finished products such as Chips, Croissants, and French fries.

The catch? The body can’t process it, and the circulatory System is weakened. The more TRANS fats the cell block, the worse the hormones and the more dings functioning.

Too much salt can actually be harmful for the cardiovascular System. “Due to the excessive intake of salt, the salt concentration outside the cells is higher, which leads to a dehydration of the cell,” writes Grimm. In addition, the blood fat values would deteriorate, which will be a burden for the heart and nerves and thus Cellulite would be encouraged.

What should you eat?

so pay Attention to a balanced and, above all, conscious diet. Fortunately, there are the “bad” food is usually a healthy Alternative. The following points should be observed for a Cellulite-free future:

Avoid sugar. As an Alternative, coconut blossom sugar, honey or Stevia to offer.Use little salt. If you can not do without, access to healthy sea salt.Fry your food with coconut oil instead of normal cooking fat and co.!To prepare your own meals and avoid ready-made products. They use fresh fruit and vegetables.

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