There are various Hashtags on Instagram popular and a subject: rotate a respiratory protection masks. Under #maskeauf, #mask, #DIYmaske or #mouth guard sewing drums also celebrities such as Joko winter scheidt or Lena Meyer now,-Landrut to wear self-made Mouth guard.

There are countless guides and Videos for sew it Yourself, about the city of Essen.

The Motto behind it: “protect Others, to steal without the medicine, the medical mask”. The idea is all well and good. Finally, nurses and clinical staff in urgent need of effective protection. In many Places, simple surgical masks are even more scarce.

the virologist Christian Drosten of the Charité in the NDR confirmed Podcast. There is “in the whole of Europe and practically all over the world, a shortage of these masks”.

This is for Do-it-yourself-masks

in this respect, there are certainly arguments for self-stitched masks:

  • to get To the professional respiratory protection masks to those who really need – such as hospital and nursing care staff
  • Who carries, holds, perhaps, not so often in the face.
  • Some people feel this is simply better. This is fine if it leads to you to neglect washing other hygiene rules, such as hands.

so Who has the urgent need to want to wear a mask, you can do something Good with it. However, the city stresses that the self-stitched appeal-mouth-nose protection can only “may reduce” the “Transmission means of a Corona-infection”. In addition, the mouth would need protection after each use and at least once a day (in the kitchen, Laundry) to be washed.

Also, the virus expert Drosten, there are good arguments for wearing simple masks. Who go out in Public and did not know whether he was infectious, signaling to: I take over responsibility. It is additionally a gesture of good Courtesy.

in Addition, could have a psychological effect, especially a signal for all those who are not yet aware. If a lot of people wear in Public, a mask you will be reminded of the seriousness of the situation.

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mask on, when you approach to less than two meters

further, Alexander Kekulé is. In his MDR-Podcast of the virologist explained his model to bring Germany out of the current “artificial coma”, back to life. A pillar would be to make “Social Distancing”, a “Smart Distancing”. The simplest measure of this is that “people, if you approach the other more than two meters, a simple OP-mask”.

The mouth-nose protection contactors other. “And there are newer data that will be protected also, to a certain degree,” says the virologist. From Hong Kong you would know by now that the Wearing of simple masks, as all do, but an effect to keep the Virus under control.

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The arguments are against-made masks

The self-made masks, as self-protection little. The experts at the RKI, consider breathing masks or mouth protection for Healthy as not useful. The WHO indicates that Wearing a mask can create a false sense of security. This, in turn, can lead to a lot more important to be neglected hygiene measures such as good hand hygiene and keep your Distance.

a virologist Drosten also clear: those Who wear a respirator, you can protect yourself hardly. “There is in the literature almost no evidence, that might help.”

keyword: external protection: for This purpose it can serve in principle. The key is: The closer a mask to the mouth and nose of an Infected is, the safer it is. It is therefore all the more meaningful, in the narrower spaces of these moves. If someone distributed sneezes and small droplets, the through a mask to prevent. A scarf does, but also says Drosten.

conclusion: A mask protects less the wearer from viruses in its environment, rather than the environment in front of him. More to the Coronavirus

For whom is easier, breathing is useful

A simple Mouth guard can protect other people – but only. Anyone who is sick or may be Corona has infected, can reduce the risk of contagion for his surroundings. Nevertheless, everyone bear in mind that there is no absolute or adequate protection to prevent virus Transmission should completely.

the experts at The RKI complement to this: “For optimal effectiveness, it is important that a mouth, nose and sits protection correctly (i.e., tight-fitting is worn), and in the case of moisture is changed.” That is, even-sewn respiratory protection masks should be in the cooking Laundry washed. The house doctor Cornelia Schreier know. They started for themselves and their employees, to sew the Mouth guard itself.

How is it with the Argument that A simple Mouth guard protects not so sick sisters, and me? The virologist Drosten, cites a scientific publication, the highlights: In the medical profession people work very close to the patient. Therefore, masks to reduce the risk that they infect themselves with diseases of the respiratory system.

For all the other Healthy, the following applies: There is nothing to wear simple or self-sewn masks. No one should feel, however, as well protected. Distance is the simplest measure to protect yourself and others from the novel corona virus is.

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