On to the few orders he can’t complain: Ugur Baldinger (55), managing Director of ceiling Bauer AG in Zurich. The company has specialized in the installation of ceiling systems, is in this division, even the market leader.

For the construction projects of the hospital Limmattal in Schlieren, Zurich, the cantonal hospital Baden AG, the University hospital in Zurich and the city hospital Triemli in Zurich, everywhere, the ceiling, Bauer AG has been mounted to the Ceilings.

But: Because of a contract for the new construction of the Felix Platter-hospital in Basel, the company with around 70 employees, now in a coma. Ugur Baldinger weiss: “we are in danger of bankruptcy in the worst case!” Reason is a dispute between the city of Basel, supervisor, General company BAM Swiss and the ceiling of Bauer AG.

big Surprise on the site

The General contractor, has signed with the ceiling of Bauer AG in February 2018 and a contract for work under. It was around 13’000 square meters of Ceilings, which had to be installed. Baldinger: “We have agreed to in this contract, that 14 of my employees have used the Cover to October.”

On the site of the Felix-Platter hospital, and then followed the rude awakening for Baldingers force: His fix committed, 14 employees do not have to assemble, as agreed, 13’000 square meters of Cover, but around 15’500 square meters. “In meetings with the BAM Swiss, we have talked about the differences in the calculation of the extent and agreed to try, additional labour hiring still on schedule to finish”, says Baldinger.

the ceiling of Bauer AG sent barely more Temporary construction – however, you will be around a month later than originally agreed. For BAM Swiss the reason, a contractual penalty in the amount of 460 000 Swiss francs to pronounce. That’s not enough. “I also have to pay the additional employees I had to search desperately, out of your own pocket,” says Baldinger. Costs: about 250’000 Swiss francs. Also additional expenses of around CHF 100’000 will not be paid.

ceiling builders should have calculated the extent of wrong

To VIEW the General contractor is, that there is between the two companies, differences of opinion in the calculation of the dimension. That’s why they’ve rejected the final invoice for the ceiling of Bauer AG. “There are scale differences. According to the BAM Swiss AG, the extent of the ceiling of Bauer AG were calculated incorrectly,” said lawyer Patrick Middendorf. He represents the BAM Swiss AG. According to the General contractor, there is no reason to correct the scale to the top.

The ceiling of Bauer AG have to wait for this dispute to be around one Million francs. The case is before the court, an agreement is not in sight. “I must now hope that the banks continue to give credit – otherwise I have to lay off a significant part of the workforce, or even to file for bankruptcy,” says chief Baldinger.

For the millions of job in Basel the ceiling of Bauer AG in the intermediate. “It’s about 50 percent of our total equity capital – this is devastating,” said Baldinger. The money rich for the time being until September. Then he had to sit with the banks. “Then we’re on our own, if we are not able to agree with BAM.”

to The hospital, the fire protection detection

missing now for the new hospital Basel, the dispute between the two companies has serious consequences. Because the General contractor, according to baldinger’s own powerful additional staff with the installation of fire protection ceilings, the ceiling Bauer AG has no liability for such Work.

Among other things, that’s why the fire police clearance is missing in the building, such as Susanna Wittwer, spokesperson of the Felix-Platter-Spital, a VIEW confirmed. After all: There’s a provisional release existed, should be operated in the hospital anyway.