She recalled that the state Duma has passed a law to extend the experiment by holding deg in Moscow in 2020 and 2021 in elections at all levels.

“If what the vote will be, we understand that the Federal legislator said his word, and in the city of Moscow must be held by remote voting. For example, in 2021, if we talk about the planned elections of deputies of the state Duma – is essential,” she said.

with regard to the use of electronic forms in a Single voting day on September 13 in other regions, here much will depend on the availability in a specific region of a sufficient technological base, said Maya Grishina.

Recall that remote electronic voting was twice applied on the territory of Moscow. In the past year, so chose the deputies of the Moscow Parliament in three districts. This year more than 900 people over the Internet took part in all-Russian voting on the approval of amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation. Online the turnout in the capital was higher than 93%.