An aging computer is usually slow and consumes more energy, but buying a new device straight away would not be very sustainable. The CCleaner also makes older PCs fast, clean and secure again. And with the current offer of the even more extensive Pro version, the purchase price also goes to an environmental organization.

“For decades, users have struggled with the problem of their PCs becoming slower over time. With the release of CCleaner 6, we offer our most powerful solution yet to this age-old problem,” said David Peterson, General Manager of CCleaner.

The system optimization software makes old computers young again: With a PC from 2015, the startup time can be reduced by up to 72 percent and the general speed can be increased by up to 34 percent.

In addition, programs and more than 25 million drivers are updated, which solves problems in the operation of the device and reduces security risks. Added to this is the energy saving: The battery life of even a high-end laptop (built in 2021) can be extended by up to 30 percent, while power consumption can generally be reduced by up to 30 percent.

Now the manufacturer Avast is surprising with an exclusive offer: the CCleaner Professional is currently available at a savings price of only 1 euro instead of 29.95 euros. And it even goes to a good cause.

Proceeds will be donated to the non-profit organization Green Forest Fund (GFF). This non-profit, registered association is committed to climate protection and species protection – for the natural basis of life for humans, animals and plants.

In concrete terms, GFF protects old trees and at the same time creates new, ecologically sustainable mixed forests – the primeval forests of tomorrow, so to speak. For example, the organization has acquired areas in the Elbe-Brandenburg river landscape biosphere reserve for its projects and is planning to purchase a further 400,000 square meters.

In this way, the association makes an important contribution to nature conservation, biodiversity and CO2 absorption as part of the Paris Climate Agreement. More information about his goals and his work can be found here:

With the purchase of the CCleaner Professional you make a double contribution to more sustainability: Firstly you support the Green Forest Fund and secondly you make your old device fit again with the optimization software, you do not have to buy a new one and thus avoid technical waste. In addition, an optimized computer consumes less energy, which saves important resources.

Successful in the market for 18 years, Avast’s CCleaner is the leading system optimization software for PC, Android and Mac. Over 100 employees ensure award-winning quality.

With around 100 million users across all devices, it is the most requested PC optimization product in this area. The Android app has also been downloaded over 100 million times.

The patented technology gives old devices a makeover and ensures that new ones work like new for a long time – no matter how many programs are installed.