In the diocese of Mainz, and one of the Bensheim, as in almost all other dioceses, there are no public worship services take place on the basis of the current Corona pandemic. The more important the worship service broadcasts on TV, but these are currently affected by short-term Cancellations of the municipalities.

Originally, the ZDF service on the 22 should. March will be transferred from the parish of St. Michael in Dormagen. There, he had to be because of the current Infection from the Corona Virus cancelled and will now take place as a non-public divine service in Bensheim.

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Catholic worship in the Live Stream, see how to:

  • Sunday mass in Bensheim (from 9.30 PM): a Live Stream of ZDF

song list

opening: GL 143,3 My whole heart
Kyrie: GL 154 Kyrie
1. Reading: 1 Sam 16, 1b.6-7.10-13b
answer singing: Ps 23 The Lord is my shepherd
2. Reading: Eph 5,8-14
Hallelujaruf: GL 560,1
gospel: Jn 9,1-41
Credo: GL 177 Credo in unum Deum
call-to-prayers of intercession: GL 182 You be with us
offertory: GL 384, 1.3 Highly praised
Sanctus: GL 200 Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God
Agnus Dei: GL 748
communion: from Psalm 130 out of Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy
closing song: GL 453 God

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