Because I was speaking invitations from all four regions have received. And since I had stressed at the time of my election to the Federal Council, that I want to promote the cohesion of the country, I found it right, to provide the concrete proof.

Cohesion is not a luxury, it is a simple necessity. Without it there is no prosperity. Always desire to dive, the conflicts reignite, the recurring claim in the German part of Switzerland, English as the first foreign language to teach. The language of peace and the culture of peace we need to defend and for always.

1. August respect all the diversity that the Rest of the year we look the other way. As the Ticino, the Federal Council, I see it as my task here is just to take care of.

The EDA was always a door opener! For the economy, but also for the culture or development cooperation. But Yes, the report of the expert group is to call things by their name. For our interests, we need not be ashamed of us. Stability is such an interest. The economy is part of it, of course.

no. Philip Morris is not “the” economy, but a company from a sector that is criticized by many sides. This is also due to the spirit of the times. Currently, we revise the sponsorship rules of the EDA. Today, however, I can’t just an industry package only.

I’m not saying that we should our interests to the detriment of other track. “Switzerland first”, you will hear from me never.

My wish is that we will discuss in future meetings, only foreign policy news, but a wider and longer term thinking. This is the total Federal support of me.

you must first put your Team together. An agreement with the current Commission would be a miracle. As Mrs von der Leyen is to the agreement, I do not know. The EU’s Position remains the same, but the tone could change. And with a bit of Serenity, it will also be easier to agree.