The Doctors foreign Minister, Ignazio Cassis (58) give the rate. The Swiss School of Public Health (SSPH+), one of the universities established Foundation, criticized the Federal Council heavily for the plans to have the Swiss pavilion at the world Expo in 2020 to sponsor in Dubai, a major part from the tobacco company Philip Morris.

In an open letter to the physicians to teach their peers, and former President of the prevention organization Public Health that the adoption speak of any funds from the tobacco industry, “the basic ethical principles of health Sciences” is. The tobacco sponsorship was a “scandal”, they write. “SSPH+ will do everything possible to prevent this.”

Switzerland has a tobacco Convention is not ratified

The health researchers that: “cigarettes are the only product that kills half of its consumers.” In the Smoking lounge of Philip Morris in the Swiss pavilion only tobacco heater would be offered, don’t make the thing better.

Because alternative tobacco products, the Doctors stress, not harmless. Research show that you can “include very large quantities of toxic substances”. For example, the concentration of carcinogenic formaldehyde could be in some of these new products “are often higher than in the case of cigarettes”. In view of this, talk to the doctors, to be clear, The presence of Philip Morris in the Swiss pavilion “would not only harm the global health, but also the Image of Switzerland”.

Switzerland has not yet ratified it as one of the few countries in the tobacco Convention the WHO. You would have done, would have been the sponsorship is illegal, claims the SSPH+ in your letter. “The Swiss need this regulatory gap in Dubai to accept Philip Morris as the main sponsor, is contrary to the declared aim of the Federal Council, the concerns of the tobacco Convention to write finally, also in Switzerland to enshrine it in law”, the physician.

knew What Cassis?

Also, the WHO has snubbed the Switzerland. That of all Switzerland, in the the health organization has its headquarters, and to suggest such a partnership is “very worrying”.

in view of the violent protest Cassis wants to rethink the injection of money from the tobacco multi now again. The Department of foreign Affairs had to align the beginning of the week, that Cassis was not informed about the status of the sponsorship program “in Detail”. The “Aargauer Zeitung” expresses, however, to doubt this representation. Because compared to the West Swiss Radio RTS Nicolas Bideau, head of presence Switzerland and responsible for the Swiss appearance in Dubai, last Friday had said that he had discussed the partnership with Cassis. The foreign Minister, was skeptical. However, the financial situation was difficult. An Argument that has convinced the former preventive medical Cassis, according to Bideau finally.

Ironically, Ignazio Cassis. The 58-Year-old has a Master’s degree in human medicine and has more than two decades, doctor of internal medicine. While he was in Canton, the doctor, was introduced in the Canton of Ticino, the first rigorous prohibition of Smoking in the country. About ten years later, he agreed in the national Council as the only Liberal against the rejection of the tobacco products act, the rigorous advertising provided for bans. Before and in between, he worked as a preventive medicine physicians in their efforts to warn people of the consequences of tobacco use. All of these principles, a part of his life’s work, he wants to take on Board, because Philip Morris wants to pay 1.8 million francs? Hard as it may be to find another Sponsor. Or to reduce the size of the pavilion.
Fabian Vogt