An officer of the Military counter-intelligence service (MAD) have to answer in the case of the extreme right-wing German soldiers Franco A. because of secret treason in court. The Cologne public Prosecutor’s office accuses the Lieutenant-Colonel, Suspicious from the environment of Franco were warned of the impending investigative actions of the Federal Prosecutor General in September 2017. The spokesman of the Cologne district court announced.

The man the news had been in the military service point of contact for the Federal criminal police office (BKA) and the attorney General. The notes should be with a view to planned house searches has been given. The Federal criminal police office did not comment.

About the court-imposed charge was first reported by the magazine Focus. Accordingly, the BKA had “clearly hints to a bigger one, any signs of collusive network of radical Preppern within the armed forces”. Supporters of the “Prepper”scene (from the English. prepare: prepare), with the Stockpiling and over tions for personal defense in serious crises, in part the shot is factored in the use of weapons. To belong to the multi-layered scene at the extreme Right-wing and people from the rich citizens of the milieu according to the authorities.

According to Focus should be the investigation in the case of a number of Connections to a club for elite soldiers and members of the special forces command (KSK) are evident. In chat groups and in the real world, Meeting the Prepper, there have been according to witnesses, concrete plans for a so-called “day X”, to spend unpopular politician “a place with intention to kill.” Also secret weapons depots and fuel dumps had been created. Furthermore, the close Links between the Preppern and members of a club for elite soldiers, with the name “Uniter e. V.”, in which mainly members of the special forces of the military and the police collected it appears that there are.

“Without indulgence, and with the full hardness”

The spokesman of the Federal Ministry of defence, Jens Flosdorff confirmed that the competent public Prosecutor’s office would in the MAD. To content to say nothing. Also, the investigation against A. would not be conducted by military authorities, but by the office of the attorney General. Investigations in the prepper scene, would also be conducted by civilian authorities. He could not, therefore, go “on the Details”. Possible disciplinary investigation by the German army followed at the conclusion of the civil investigation. Extremist tendencies in the Bundeswehr would be pursued “without mercy and with full hardness, is also very successful in the rule by the MAD”.

The case, Franco A. was a nationwide sensation. The showed from Offenbach-born Lieutenant should be prepared according to the indictment, from an extreme right-wing sentiment out an attack on a politician or a human rights activist, who, in his view, a refugee-friendly commitment. To do this, he should have procured arms, ammunition and explosives – part of the holdings of the Bundeswehr.

According to the higher regional court of Frankfurt, but it is “more likely than not” that the soldier was already determined to commit an attack. You don’t see any probable cause that he had prepared a serious act of violent Subversion, the court of appeal. Instead of before the state security Senate of the court of Franco is a. the trial before the regional court of Darmstadt should be made. To the question of the decision of the Federal court of justice (BGH) of a complaint, the office of the attorney General but still.