“That is, to enter in the register any vehicle on which a disabled person around the city, and it automatically gets the right to stay in the handicapped spots without getting a fine,” – said the Agency.

In the RPF stressed that whenever you post information online, the data will appear in the registry after 15 minutes. If necessary, they can always be changed. Relevant will be considered information posted.

Apply for adding a car to the registry remotely the disabled person or his legal representative on the portal or your account on the website of the Federal registry of persons with disabilities. For this you will need to specify the number, make and model of vehicle on which you plan to visit.

“to Reaffirm the right to free Parking is not necessary, all necessary data already contained in the database Federal registry of persons with disabilities,” from the words of the representative of the RPF.

it is Also noted that the client services of the Pension Fund statements will not be accepted, but in the absence of the possibility to register a car in the Federal register disabled remotely, you can always contact the MFC.

the press service of the FIU also told that the information recorded in the register has effect on the territory of the whole country, whereas previously each region had their own base plates, with benefits. Thus, if the vehicle is included in the Federal registry, then use the allocated Parking spaces can be in any region. Access to the registry will have the authorities of all the entities that define the number of preferential Parking spaces in public areas.