The five quietest car brands 5. Ford 69,2 decibels

The Mustang gallops without a big clatter of its hooves across. In spite of the iconic sports car Ford is one of the quietest cars.

4. BMW and Volvo was 69.1 decibels

Done! Volvo is on a par with BMW. But somehow we have the feeling that the Swedes would prefer to be quieter than the Bavaria.

3. Seat is 68.8 decibels

The Siesta has paid off well. Seat sneaks on the podium of the quietest cars.

2. Mini and Nissan of 68.5 decibels

Who would have Thought! The loving Godzilla is called the GT-R is as quiet as a Mini, thanks to the other rather quiet Nissan models…

1. Mazda 67,8 decibels

place since, Mazda! The small Japanese brand takes the top spot and is the quietest brand in Germany.

The German Federal motor transport authority (KBA) in the fahrzaug pass the noise emissions. These will be collected on the basis of a UN-standard: in addition to a measurement at a constant speed, a acceleration travel is tested: the vehicles with 50 kilometers per hour to track on a 20-Meter-long test and will be fully accelerated. In 7.5 m distance, the resulting sound is measured with a microphone. At this rate, the Roll drown out wind noise in most cars the engine noise.

The current list is based on the German new vehicle registrations last year, however, only of individually reported makes. Brands such as Ferrari and Lotus to achieve higher average noise values that are not listed by the KBA, but in the brand ranking. Therefore, they are not included here.

The five according to most car brands 5. Kia 71,1 decibels

So not wanted to be Kia from the crowd. The noise level, the South Koreans are above the average of 70 decibels.

4. Jeep and Mercedes 71,5 decibels

reunited! As the American site professionals and the German luxury master would still belong to the same group, you are in the noise at eye-level.

3. Tesla and Porsche are 71.8 decibels

Again a Surprise! In the case of driving the electric Tesla and the sporty Porsche sounds at the same volume. Only: is Porsche now simply silent, or Tesla, according to?

2. Dacia 72,6 decibels

podiums are for Dacia is more of a rarity, and this is rather a dubious honor. The Romanians are the second loudest car brand.

1. Fiat 72,8 decibels

The loudest cars no do not come from Italy, Ferrari!!! It’s the little scissors are leagues 500 from Fiat and the different variations.