With almost eight and a half kilograms per head was exceeded in the case of the carrots the previous year’s figure of 7.91 kg. These are the Figures from the Statistical annual report on vegetables 2018, the Swiss Central office for vegetables and special crops (SZG) on Friday, the Agricultural information service (LID) reported.

On the tomatoes (6,74 kg) in front of the Peppers (4.5 kg). Separately on rank ten, the Cherry tomatoes are 2.85 kilograms per head. One would expect this to add to the other tomatoes, you could dislodge the carrot from the top position. The total consumption of carrots was 71’718 tons, the one of tomatoes at 57’154 tons. Peppers were eaten total 38’214 tons.

number four In the “vegetable hit parade” follows with 3.9 kilograms of watermelon. Also popular are the iceberg lettuce (3,81 kg) and cucumber (3.6 kilograms) on the ranks five and six.