More than 20 tariff features influence the price of car insurance – but not all to the same extent. We explain what there are noticeable discounts for and which factors hardly affect the price.

Penalty offenders pay more than drivers who obey the traffic rules? That is not completly correct. The majority of insurers do not charge a surcharge if there are points in the account. But be careful: Some providers actually ask points sinners to pay more. In the model case of a Berlin driver, a tariff comparison revealed premium differences of up to 14 percent or 116 euros per year.

Homeowners not only save on the rent, they also get a discount on their vehicle contribution? The truth is different: the majority of insurance companies do not ask renters to pay more. However, there are exceptions here too. An online insurance comparison can show whether your insurer is one of these exceptions. There is no one perfect insurer for everyone. Depending on the requirements, car model, age or place of residence, very different providers can be ahead.

If you have an annual pass for local public transport, you drive your car less and thus reduce the risk of having an accident? This calculation doesn’t add up. As a rule, it does not matter whether drivers have an annual ticket for the local transport network or not. Only very few insurers give a discount on the car insurance premium – but there are some.

If the car is parked on the street, it is exposed to many dangers: wind and weather, careless drivers in the parking lot next door, vandalism and theft. Do street parkers therefore have to dig much deeper into their pockets for their car insurance? no Some providers give discounts for a parking space in a lockable garage. However, this accounts for only one percent of the contribution on average, according to an evaluation by the former comparison portal Toptip.

Membership in an automobile club not only brings advantages in the event of a breakdown or an accident. Car insurance should also reward such memberships. That’s not true. On the contrary: If you are only a member of an automobile club in order to have a cover letter for breakdowns with your vehicle, many large insurers now include equivalent cover letters in the tariff – at least for journeys in Germany and Europe.