Tornadoes in Oklahoma cause chaos, with erroneous reports that a car was sucked into a tornado on live television.

Violent tornadoes in Oklahoma, in which wind speeds of up to 80 km/h were recorded, caused a great stir.

On television, which was broadcasting the dramatic events live and intended to warn residents, a scene was broadcast that appeared to be a car being hit and carried away by a tornado. A Reddit post shared a video of this TV broadcast, which shows a driver’s-eye view of a car seemingly being tossed back and forth by the tornado.

Many local viewers of Oklahoma City’s KWTV were alarmed when suspicions arose that storm chasers might have been caught in the eye of a tornado.

But as “Newsweek” reports, the all-clear was subsequently given: it turned out that the vehicle rolled over due to aquaplaning. Local reporters from The Oklahoman confirmed that storm watchers Val and Amy Castor were traveling on Interstate 40 when their vehicle overturned. Val Castor later said on her Facebook page that they only suffered minor injuries.