Investigators found the bodies of three children and a man in a pond in the United States. The dead are said to be a missing father and his children, as reported by the media on Wednesday. The background was initially open.

Pedestrians had reported a body in the water to the Indianapolis police on Tuesday evening (local time). The investigators finally found a car and the dead children in it. A police representative said he understood there were many unanswered questions. “We also have a lot of questions.”

According to the reports, the siblings are a two-year-old girl and two boys, aged one and five. The 27-year-old father was last seen with the children last week. According to the family, he went on a fishing trip with them and never came back. Relatives offered a reward for information about their whereabouts. According to the first indications, the area around the pond had already been searched by police officers in the past few days.

The song “Layla” has been at the top of the charts for weeks and is particularly popular on Ballermann. The cities of Würzburg and Dsseldorf have now banned the song at their folk festivals because of its sexist lyrics.

16-year-old Kaden from Norfolk, England, went to his school prom in an extravagant bright red dress with a crown on his head instead of wearing a formal suit. When he got out of the car, his classmates cheered.

Attitudes towards work also change over the generations. Much to the chagrin of Europapark boss Mack, who is currently desperately looking for workers for his amusement park. He cannot understand the work ethic of the younger generation, which is geared towards balance and little stress.