In the Urals freed the convent, seized the disgraced shehurina Sergius. The monastery was again opened doors for believers. About it сообщает citing Vsevolod Mogucheva, representative of St. Sergius .

According to Mogucheva, schema-monk is still in the monastery, and plans “to carry the service of God and social service”.

“It is not, but is there” – said Moguchev.

He also expressed the hope that the significance of father Sergius will be taken into account in the ROC.

“I Really hope that the significance of father Sergius monastery will be taken into account by all participants of the Russian Orthodox Church. Rely on conflict resolution based on the views of parishioners, as well as the achievement of peace and understanding in the territory of the diocese of Yekaterinburg”, – said the representative of St. Sergius.

According to him, a wave of provocations is over, and everyone will allow you access to Sredneuralskaya convent, to enable them to ensure that there are no problems. In particular, the planned excursion for journalists.

We will remind, Abbot Sergius called the situation with the new coronavirus by pseudopodia and “electronic camp of Satan”, called to visit the temples, in spite of sanitary restrictions, and publicly opposed the secular and ecclesiastical authorities.

He also issued an address, announcing the creation of people’s militia and “the involvement of Russia “in the civil war with nearby Nations.”

Court of Yekaterinburg diocese was deprived of chiyoumen Sergius Sana.

Earlier, the “Rambler” reported that the Abbot refused to leave occupied Sredneuralskaya convent and called the Orthodox to defend the monastery.