With the Revision of the public procurement, the Parliament has achieved a great success. Too bad, that one of the core is made of the points of this Reform are already in question – not by the councils but by the cantons.

In advising in the summer session was formed in the national Council an unusual Alliance: the social Democrats and the SVPler, trade unionists, and the tips of the advertising Association, pulled together. And held: Applying a company from one Canton to jobs in the public sector in another, it must meet the conditions in force at the place of performance.

An example: the Canton of Zurich, a street or city, a school house, may also give a Ticinese entrepreneurs an offer – must pay its employees but the higher Zürcher wages.

quotes to fit the conditions of the home Canton of

Some of the cantons but the. In a circular to the relevant local councillors of the construction, planning explained – and environment Director conference (DTAP) at the end of June, the estates also apply in the future, the so-called origin principle. This means that companies from the whole of Switzerland should therefore offer to the terms and conditions of your home Canton, Ticino pay in Zurich lower wages. In your newsletter in the construction, planning and environment Director conference recognises, however, that this “political stance is not shared by all”.

On demand of the Canton of Vaud FDP declared state councillor and DTAP-President Jacqueline de Quattro (59), the revised procurement law only for the Confederation and associated enterprises. The Parliament would have sought to control, which also applies to the cantons, should have the relevant regulations change. But this was not done.

stops the downward spiral by “Dumping-cantons”

The Swiss Federation of trade unions, the reasoning of the cantons to be inadmissible. SGB Central Secretary Luca Cirigliano (37): “Obviously, the cantons foutieren the decision of the Parliament.” By would unnecessarily created differences between the Confederation and the cantons, looks “but not a business anymore”. And if the “Dumping-cantons” sabotaged the Reform, the threat of a downward spiral. Mind you, for jobs that are funded with taxpayers ‘ money.

“For once, I’m with the unions on the same page,” says SVP-national Council and trade Association President Jean-François Rime (69, FR). And at all reflect the attitude of the cantons speak in his everyday life as an entrepreneur: “in my experience, the conditions of the place of supply rule were already in place prior to the decision of the Parliament. This was common practice,” says the President of the economic Commission of the national Council.