Golikova stressed that when deciding on the abolition of restrictive measures is necessary to consider data on a number of criteria, “so you do not have to go back”. “This is a very delicate indicators that we need to work together to monitor,” said Deputy Prime Minister. “Today, most crucial indicator spread ratio – can go in the first and subsequent stages 17 regions of the country. This is the data today,” she said. What are the regions Tatyana Golikova said.

among the most important indicators is morbidity. The national average it is 210,2 persons per 100 thousand population. In 13 subjects of Federation, including Moscow, Moscow region, the Murmansk oblast and YNAO, the rate has exceeded the national average.

mortality from COVID-19 in Russia significantly less than in many other countries, and is 0.95%, said Deputy Prime Minister. The lowest mortality level was in Tambov, Ryazan, Kursk, Lipetsk, Ulyanovsk and Sverdlovsk areas, Tatarstan and Tuva. In four regions – the Kurgan and Sakhalin oblasts, the Altai Republic and the Nenets Autonomous area not recorded any death from the coronavirus. The situation with coronavirus more prevalent in those subjects where a lot of testing, said Tatyana Golikova. She cited the example of Sevastopol – “today, it shows the lowest growth rate in Russia.” As for the country as a whole, the scope of testing Russia is the absolute world leader.

as of mid-may, the state register includes information on 24 test-systems, which determine how the presence of the virus in the body (PCR) and the presence of antibodies to it (ELISA). Only in Russia conducted more than 7.3 million tests for coronavirus 650 labs, including 90 private. To develop test systems and vaccines allocated 3.1 billion. The development of vaccines is underway on 14 platforms in total amount of 47. “We very much hope that some of them will give tangible results,” he said.

Chairman of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko, summing up the “government hour”, said it is too early to relax. “Today, we all must not forget to thank the country’s leadership for the fact that such serious measures have been taken,” she said, and urged citizens and his colleagues continue to observe safety precautions. The more that COVID not spared the Federation Council – they had five senators and several members of the unit.