– We felt that we had no other choice than to cancel now, ” says for use Gjestland, the leader of the 17. may-committee in Porsgrunn, to NRK.

Thus, the history of the championship the first municipality in the country to cancel his 17. may-celebration. Than as long as apply to cancellation only in the centre. It is not clarified how to do it out in the boroughs.

“On the basis of the current situation in relation to the Corona and the uncertainty that lies in the future, will 17. may committee in Porsgrunn, in common with other promoters of large events, cancel the celebrations in the city centre in years.”

It writes the committee in a statement.

They encourage all to mark the day locally in their homes, on patios and in their gardens. But they stress that the celebration must take place within the recommendations that the government provides.

– We have a great understanding of the decision to 17. the may committee. The municipality is awaiting national advice on how to the day, incidentally, should be marked, ” says mayor Robin Kåss.

for use Gjestland and the rest of the 17. may-committee in the history of the championship has decided to cancel the celebration.

Photo: Robert Hansen / NRK Calls for guidelines

In several cities, one is open for this year’s celebration can be different. The leader of the 17. may-committee in Kristiansand mean you can’t sit on their mound and find solutions for the national day.

– We need some guidelines from the central keep to take this decision in a good way, said Mira Svartnes Thorsen of the Norwegian broadcasting corporation in march.

the Government has not taken any decision on how koronaepidemien will affect 17. may celebrations.

We know that this is a decision we must take. But first we need to know a little bit more, ” said the ministry of justice and beredskapsminister Monica Mæland (H) at Wednesday’s press conference about koronasituasjonen.

Considering opportunities

the attorney general emphasized that the 17. may-the celebration is important for the whole country, but also repeated that the norwegians need to be prepared that it is different.

Very many municipalities are now considering their options. In Oslo, the committee in time to make a different celebration.

– We hope it can be a fun and worthy of 17. may. The way we see it now see it does not appear that there is a barnetog in Oslo, said Pia Farstad von Hall, the leader of the 17. may-committee in Oslo, the Norwegian broadcasting corporation NRK on Wednesday.

She says that a final decision over easter.

the Norwegian and The sámi flag. The image is from the 17. may celebrations in 2019 in Porsanger.

Photo: EWA-MARI HEDMAN / NRK 17. may on the net, in Bergen

In Bergen is to be considered there also what to do with the celebration. Already 12. march began 17. may-the committee to make a plan for what happens with the national day.

Yet is not the celebration cancelled, but everything goes against that there is a greatly reduced celebration.

17. may-committee in the city have begun to look at a plan B, without the popular and the traditional procession of the Pier and through the streets of the city centre.

– It will be to convey. 17. may-feel on the web, partly by the live broadcast and partly with the recording. We are not affected of what other cities had to do, but relate of course to the rules from the municipality and the central authorities, ” says Erik Næsgaard, the leader of the 17. may-committee in Bergen.