Canada want to buy protective equipment for an amount equal to over nine billion dollars, informs Trudeau.

Canada will buy protective equipment such as face masks and visors for two billion dollars to 9.6 billion dollars) as a result of coronavirusepidemien.

It shall notify the prime minister Justin Trudeau on Tuesday at a news conference, according to the canadian media, the CBC.

– We know that the demand for vital equipment grows, and the supplies will rise in coming weeks, so we have a sustained and stable approach of these products, he says.

On the order list are, among other things, 60 million N95 masks, which are designed to filter out particles that carry on the coronavirus.

the Announcement comes while the death toll in the country from virusudbruddet has crossed 100 and the number of infected is approaching 8500.

Money from the government in Ottawa will mainly be used to purchase personal protective equipment such as face masks, visors, suits and hand cleaners, says Trudeau at his daily news conference.

Exactly the kind of protective equipment to doctors and nurses fear the many hospitals in Canada running out of, as virusudbruddet and more people are being hospitalized for treatment for Covid-19, as virussygdommen called.

There is also allocated money to purchase over 1500 respirators, which are essential for the patients who cannot breathe on your own.

According to the prime minister it may take a few weeks to get delivered beskyttelsesmidlerne.

– the Whole world is trying to secure different equipment, as is necessary in the fight against the virus. Therefore, we know that it will be important to be able to have the solutions “made in Canada”, says Trudeau.

He adds that the government has signed agreements with three canadian companies to produce respirators and protective equipment.