Canada may allow Huawei to work with 5G networks

According to the Minister of industry Canada Navdeep Bains, Canada is unlikely to restrict China’s Huawei to build 5G networks.

this comments official sounded immediately after the call by the group of U.S. senators to revoke the status of preferred investment to countries where Chinese technology giant to work with the next generation networks. Thus, the administration trump all the forces pushing the allies to the introduction of direct prohibitions for Huawei, says Bloomberg.

“We will take care to act in accordance with our national interests,” said Baines in an interview with the canadian broadcasting Corporation, “We will not be intimidated by any other jurisdiction”.

Canada is the latest member of the so-called Alliance of English-speaking countries “Five eyes” (AUSCANNZUKUS), which is also considering cooperation with Huawei. Australia and New Zealand followed the example of the United States to prohibit it. But the United Kingdom chose a compromise solution: Chinese companies are allowed to work in the United Kingdom, but without access to some very sensitive parts of the network.

the British decision disappointed the White house and resulted in an angry phone rebuke to Boris Johnson from Donald trump. Meanwhile, the government Trudeau is said that it is studying the British approach. However, Ottawa has to consider the incidents of the past, namely the arrest of the chief financial officer of Huawei in 2018, according to the American extradition request.

When Baines asked whether he has in mind specifically the United States, speaking about the intimidation, he said diplomatically: “Maybe I was a bad choice of words. However, we will not depend on other jurisdictions”.

“the Country expressed their concerns. We deal with this issue with our partners from the “Five eyes”. We know that this is a very important question. But we accept the decision which hast make sense for Canadians and protect Canadians,” the Minister concluded.