Eight quadcopters has become the largest company in Russia on development of coal deposits by open method. A new technique, which replaced conventional total stations, theodolites and levels, allows you to perform aerial survey work more efficiently because it improves the accuracy of calculations and efficiency measurements. To such conclusion experts, analyzing the 3D model of the terrain, obtained with the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

the Latter, incidentally,able to work in difficult weather conditions. Time collection and processing of data is reduced from several days to one hour. Ensured and remote monitoring of mining operations, which is important for improvement of occupational safety. On the basis of the information received coal miners with the help of special software intend to create digital models-twins enterprises, which will help to significantly strengthen the economic stability of the company.

“the Use of unmanned technologies is one of the first and most critical stages of digitization. Service aerial photography and thermal monitoring. How exactly is a mathematical model, depends on the efficiency of design, analysis and management of production”, – emphasizes the curator of the project, service chief surveyor of the coal company Natalia Perepelitsa.

Drones, was the Federal air transport Agency, enrolled in all the branches and the office of the coal company. To control the drones, its experts have passed special training. In the future, the fleet of quadcopters is increased. As noted in the regional Department of the coal industry, the use of new remote sensing technology can reliably solve a whole range of issues related to mining. This includes determination of volumes of coal depots, and the prevention of dangerous situations, and updating topographic maps of areas in the management of coal mining with the surrounding area, and monitoring of land use, including site restoration, the demolition of houses in sanitary protection zones and inventory listings.

the Coal company is preparing to introduce another novelty – the drainage Board for remote control of production ponds. Boat equipped with echo sounder and GPS receiver surveying class, controlled by the operator, will allow surveyors with centimeter accuracy to measure the topography of gidrootval. In the process of digitizing the bottom surface data in real time transmitted to the operator screen, and then on a desktop computer.

“This technology in Russia is not used yet, – said Natalia Perepelitsa. – During the tests on the existing gidrootval Tartakovskogo field branchLa Mokhovskogo coal mine it was emphasized that the surveyor manages the process, while safe on the shore, not making measurements aboard the rubber boats, as it was before.”