She appeared on the Danish tv-screens in 2007. Since then it has been limited in what Camilla Sys Ty has participated in. However, this does not mean that she has gotten the tv industry.

“I sit as redaktionschef and indholdschef at a production company, where I am responsible for reality and factual entertainment,” says Camilla Sys Ty to the B. T.

She won the third season of the popular TV3 programme ‘Paradise Hotel’ in 2007.

in Addition to the victory she ran of 450,000 crowns, when she in the final, cheated on his partner Kenneth to throw the ball, and thus she took even the big prize.

this Year’s finale of ‘Paradise Hotel’ will be shown on Thursday, 16. april, and even though it’s 13 years ago, she participated, has Camilla Sys Ty worked with tv ago.

After the program, she took a bachelor degree at Roskilde University followed by an ma in film and media studies at Copenhagen University.

Subsequently, she started so in the tv industry, and although she after a stay at the luxurious hotel in Mexico thanked yes to participate in ‘the Robinson Expedition’, ‘4-Stars ‘dinner’ and ‘Wipeout’, dropped, she, after a short time to participate in the programs.

“When I started to fix tv (behind the camera, red.) I was asked about some things, which I said no. I thought it was too hard to both be organized and also be a participant. It was too weird. I took a choice, I would not more,” says Camilla Sys Ty.

A choice, today she is happy. This is not to say, she was not happy to participate, for she thought it all was fun.

“I just think it was good, it ended for me there,” says Camilla Sys Ty, who was 21 years old when she won the ‘Paradise Hotel’.

A time when social media is in no way stuffed, as they did in the day.

Something that has probably made a big difference, she says, she even was smoked with the wave, if the opportunity had been there.

“That, I believe, was the well was not there at the time. So I was forced to take an education and get a job the old-fashioned way. I am also happy today. I also think it is hard to live the life. There are many on the bid. So what, when you are exciting more in five or ten years? I have my education and my job, which I hope can last always. It is not me as a person, I go out and do exciting all the time. I am really happy,” says Camilla Sys Ty, who with a laugh says that she and the other participants then went very much up in the DKBN, and how many came with that.

“If Instagram had been there, and I could live the life, I’m not sure, I had done my training done. If I could live of it, when I was 21 years old, it could well be that you had thought it was more fun to get a lot of great experiences, to be able to take some pictures and make a lot of money. I don’t think I would be good enough to say, I would not. For why should I?” says Camilla Sys Ty, who praises them, who can make a career through social media.

today, she works with several television productions at a time. She loves to make karakterdrevne series with celebrity – like ‘Bendtner and Philine’ and ‘Remee and Mathilde’.

She finds it fascinating to be with to tell their stories, and in the future hope Camilla Sys Ty also, she can work with the tv.

She loves the industry and has no desire to change it out. It has been a big part of her, which can easily be linked with the participation in the ‘Paradise Hotel’, she says. A participation, she does not regret.

She has through his career been trying to use it for something positive.

It has given good contacts, and she can use it in his own work with the participants, because she can relate to them and vice versa.

And then think she also, it makes a difference, that it is programs, she even likes to see – and maybe had participated in back in 2007. For Example, ‘Love Island’.

“I’m not at all fine to say, I could have been involved. I, myself, have participated in various programs, I think have helped me in the career: that participants sometimes recognized me and felt that I know how it is to be in front of the camera. And I will, of course, bring them right in. So on the way I try to use my involvement as something positive,” says Camilla Sys Ty.