Cameron Diaz

In 2014, the famous Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz, left the profession and did not regret about it. In a conversation with his ex-colleague Gwyneth Paltrow for YouTube show In goop Health: The Sessions 47-year-old star said that made her leave acting.

I just decided that I want in my life, everything was different. I have worked long and hard, starred in movies, and it was so brutal. I didn’t leave space for his personal life. And then I decided to stop acting and concentrated on her personal life, on relationships with family, friends. Then Benji (husband of the actress. — Approx. ed.) we met and almost immediately married, because both knew that should do it,

— said Dias.

Cameron Diaz married Benji Madden, a member of Good Charlotte in 2015 after a 10-month romance. In January this year the couple became parents — they had a daughter Radix.

Benji Madden and Cameron Diaz

Cameron added that after retiring from acting finally felt at peace.

In my heart there is peace because I finally care about myself. I feel so grounded and easy. Strange to say it. I know that many people do not understand this, I know you understand that. It is very hard to work at this level, to be out in public and expose themselves for everyone to see. You directed a lot of energy when you notable actor and experiencing constant pressure,

says the star.

the Actress added that, in her opinion, Hollywood actors too childish, since they are in a position where they are taken care of by others.

You walk on set, everyone wants to carry your bag, you do not allowed to do. God forbid that something happens, then they will not be able to finish the film. br>
In the majority of cases, your life just becomes limited. And the people you don’t know, do something for you, serve you. I’ve never been comfortable with it all. It was not my comfort zone. br>
In the end I had again become self-sufficient. I really needed to know that I can take care of myself, to prove that I know how to be an adult and how to cope with all the complexities, be responsible and live the way I want, and not as it should be according to the opinion of others,

concluded Diaz.