Travel service Russpass has prepared a guide to the capital of Kalmykia. The author’s selection includes five places worth visiting in Elista and the region.

The service offers to get acquainted with the exposition dedicated to the traditions and life of the Kalmyks. Here you can learn about how yurts were built without a single nail and why the dwelling was lined with camel hair inside and out.

Travelers can visit. It is considered the largest temple in the territory of Kalmykia, its height is 63 meters. There will be an opportunity to get acquainted with the culture of Buddhism and learn about ancient customs.

Tourists will also be able to make a wish. It is located 30 kilometers from Elista in the middle of the steppe. Reaching out to the bark of a tree and tying a ribbon or hii-morin (a flag with a prayer to the wind horse) to the fence, you can share your innermost desires.

A trip to the tourist and entertainment complex will turn into a small walk or a real steppe adventure. And here you can try your hand at archery and visit a nomad’s caravan.

Guests of the city can compete in accuracy. In the shooting club “Harvachnr”, whose name translates from Kalmyk as “archers”, female archers go to the steppe and shoot 3D models of animals.

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