Despite the significant market decline in Russia continue to appear cosmetic brands. “Kommersant Style” explains what it was.The tendency is that the demand for care products for skin and hair, food supplements, home fragrances is growing, largely due to pandemics. People began to think more about health, and hence to invest more in yourself, in your future. This largely explains the desire of companies to focus on this kind of cosmetics in the planning of the business. Head of retail chain Molecule Irina Sinitsyna says: “Now we see an increase in buying activity — so, our growth in July amounted to + 72% over the same period last year, she says. It is connected primarily with the fact that borders remain closed, so your need for your favorite fragrances or cosmetics, can only be met in Russia. For us it’s a chance to compensate for our loss of sales and, therefore, what we have planned for launches of new brands in 2020, we decided not to cancel”. The company introduced the English brand of vegan celebrities-makeup Delilah. In the “Rive Gauche” decided to bet on means of home fragrances and brought us niche. Anna Nikolaeva, head of selective brands network, believes that “right now, when people began spending more time at home, they are much more likely to purchase goods for decorating their homes to create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere, and with this task perfectly cope candles and diffusers”. Company “L’etoile” mastering popular Australian indie brands, and in July presented three eco-friendly brand with natural ingredients and produced in a convenient and recyclable packaging.Photo/Genics + Co.In the line of the American brand became perfumed candles based on coconut oil, aroma diffusers in ceramic vases and bowls, perfumed sprays for the home. The design of the bottles used concrete, lava stones, raw wood, steel and leather.Esmi Skin Minerals Vegan products for skin care and makeup, made in Australia. Hit and first brand — breathable Foundation makeup which is suitable for problem skin.Ecosanity of the most famous Australian brands. In the line of care products for face, body and hair, created on the basis of organic coconut oil handmade. DelilahЛиния makeup of England: manufacturers are proud that the money line are not tested on animals and assure that by the end of 2020 to be fully vegan. While some of the products you can find beeswax.Pure Deo Australiska brand whose main idea is to exclude toxic ingredients like aluminum saltsMINIA of the composition of cosmetic products. In the line of deodorants, unisex as the main ingredient used baking soda to neutralize the bacteria as well as organic coconut oil and Shea butter.Irina Kirienko