the Real ruble exchange rate totaled would exceed the mark of 100 rubles for 1 dollar, if not for the actions of the Central Bank to support the national currency. This is stated in the study conducted by analitiki “Gazprombank”.

the Authors of the study noted that since the beginning of the year, the ruble fell by 20%, while oil by 70%. If not for currency interventions of the regulator, that today the ruble would cost 110 per dollar. As of 18 may on the Moscow stock exchange dollar is worth 72,85 ruble.

the Maintenance of the national currency cost of the Central Bank investments in the amount of $ 6.6 billion, write “news” with reference to the study. However, currency interventions, the regulator supported the ruble to a lesser extent, but reduced rate. A large role was played by the efforts of the Central Bank in containing inflation and combating the outflow of currency.

According to the Chairman of the Duma Committee on financial market Anatoly Aksakov, in the near future the ruble will not be strengthened, even if the oil price will rise to $ 40 per barrel, because the Russian currency is overvalued. In turn, financial analyst analyst Alexei Antonov has suggested that by the end of the year with high probability the dollar will reach $ 100.

previously, experts Interviewed by “MK” also spoke in favor of the fact that by the end of the “coronavirus” 2020 ruble will greatly subside, as the Central Bank and the Finance Ministry are simply not physically able to hold his course indefinitely. However, the shock scenario with a collapse in 2014, you may be able to avoid.

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