Called the condition of salvation of people after the fall of the asteroid

In the case of an asteroid strike to the Earth the mankind can be saved only if some people already would live on Mars. About it in conversation with journalists has told the head of the laboratory of neutron and gamma-ray spectroscopy Department of nuclear planetology space research Institute of RAS Maxim Litvak.

“Move” to Mars, as scientists noted, may be a saving grace for the part of civilization from the point of view of a global catastrophe. However, the relocation of mankind on another planet, too, has its “pitfalls”.

In the case of gravitational perturbations, caused, for example, rearrangements of the orbits of planets like Jupiter as it is, I assume, was previously in the inner Solar system can be attracted by objects from the asteroid belt, which, as the shrapnel will cut everything in its path, and the probability of their entering not only the Earth but also Mars can be very large, — quotes the words of Litvak RIA Novosti.

The scientist also underlined that humanity, on whatever planet it lived, will not save civilization with the demise of the Sun. In this case, lost almost the whole Solar system entered into a Litvak.

As previously reported scientists have made the most realistic model of destruction of an asteroid approaching the Earth. This will help to develop ways of protecting the planet.