restful sleep strengthens the immune system of a person. About the Agency RIA Novosti said the dietitian clinic is the number 1 Manager of the President’s Faith Charochkina.

She explained that sleep is necessary to allocate at least six hours a day, and most people to sleep, you need 7-8 hours. During this time in the body in sufficient quantity is produced by the immune melatonin.

the physician Also stated that it is important to pay attention to proper, balanced diet. In particular, the simple carbs contained in sweets, on the contrary, reduce immunotec of the body. However Charochkina noted that now “not time for some experimenting with your diet — fasting or diets”.

Previously for residents of Russia has established a hot line for proper nutrition that will help them maintain a healthy lifestyle during a pandemic coronavirus. It works on the basis of the Federal research centre of nutrition and biotechnology.

on 1 may it was reported that some diets increase the risk of infection by coronavirus.