Called obstacle to the appointment of Saakashvili

Former President of Georgia, ex-Governor of Odessa region Mikhail Saakashvili under Ukrainian law can not be part of the government because existing criminal records.

As reminds the edition “Observer”, the relevant provision is contained in article 7 of the law “On the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine”. Moreover, the act does not specify whether the value, which was condemned by the people. Thus, Saakashvili can not become Deputy Prime Minister, as it has a valid criminal record in Georgia. He also is involved in several criminal cases.

Scandal because Saakashvili: Kiev has threatened Tbilisi problems

The publication indicates that all the court decisions handed down against the former President of Georgia, valid and in Ukraine, as Kiev ratified the European Convention on the international recognition of judicial decisions in criminal matters and the Treaty with Georgia on legal assistance.

Earlier, the Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky invited Saakashvili to take the post of Deputy Prime Minister for reform. As passed Saakashvili was going to speak in Parliament to present the programme of change in the Ukraine and the plan of its work in the Cabinet.