Nikolai Valuyev is a former Russian boxing champion and Duma deputy. He has now received his draft notice and would “of course” want to report to the recruitment office in the coming days, as “Bild” reports. His use is voluntary, because as a Member of Parliament he is exempt from mobilization.

“When the Fatherland calls, I’ll go,” Valuyev wrote on Telegram, publishing his draft notice. Valuyev should have reported to the recruiting office days ago, but was unable to do so due to his parliamentary work. “Next week,” said the Russian.

A difficult task. According to the report, Ukrainian presidential adviser Oleksiy Arestovych said that the first Russian recruits who came to the front as part of the mobilization have already been killed. “They are poorly equipped, lack medicine and armed with rusty rifles. You have no education at all. They don’t even have a bad education, they just don’t have any education – it’s terrible. It’s like a professional boxer fighting a schoolboy.”

The station bosses of NDR and ZDF earn more than 300,000 euros a year. But that’s not all. Additional income increases their salaries considerably. So much more for the bosses.

The confectionery manufacturer Bodeta has been around since 1892. Now the traditional company from Saxony-Anhalt has had to file for bankruptcy. The reasons for this are the rising energy and raw material prices, but also the newly increased minimum wage.

The pressure in Nord Stream 2 first dropped on Monday night, and later also in Nord Stream 1. The reason: there are leaks in both gas pipelines. But it will be some time before these can be examined. What we know so far about the events and what is still the subject of the investigation.

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Amazon Prime Day 2022 – the sequel: Prime subscribers can shop for exclusive bargains again as early as October. With the second Prime Day this year, Amazon heralds the pre-Christmas shopping season.