German banks are currently ahead in the race for call money interest rates. ING has only been offering a one percent interest rate guarantee for four months for a week. Now Bank11 takes the lead: with an increase to 1.11 percent.

After ING broke the one percent barrier for the first time last week with a top overnight interest rate of 1.0 percent, interest rates continue to rise. Currently, the best offer in Europe comes from Bank11 – also guaranteed for four months and with German deposit insurance. Behind them, 1822 direkt, which belongs to the savings bank group, and Qliro from Sweden have caught up with ING. All three offer smooth 1.0 percent. However, the ING guarantees the interest for 4 months, the 1822 direct even gives a guarantee for six months.

Bank11 is now offering savers 1.11 percent interest on call money. The offer includes a four-month interest rate guarantee, but only applies to new customers. Anyone who has not yet invested money with Bank11 is considered such. For existing customers, on the other hand, the previous offers of 0.3 or 0.5 percent interest per annum continue to apply, depending on the date on which the account was opened. These conditions only apply up to a credit of 100,000 euros. In addition, there is only 0.05 percent for new customers. If the deposit exceeds 1,000,000 euros, there is only 0.01 percent interest.

The ING had recently taken the lead with a decent increase in interest rates. In addition to an interest rate of 1.0 percent, the German deposit insurance and a four-month interest guarantee also apply here. The 1822 direct even grants a six-month interest rate guarantee. Qliro from Sweden also offers 1.0 percent, but without guarantees.

Take out a call money account with 1822 here. Open a call money account with ING here

At Qliro, the general EU deposit insurance applies up to 100,000 euros. At the two German banks, the German deposit protection funds of the Association of German Banks (BdB, in the case of ING) and the savings banks (in the case of 1822 directly) also attack, so that customer deposits there are secured with even higher amounts.

Are these call money rates still too low for you? Then take a look at our fixed deposit comparison. Interest rates of up to 2.3 percent for a term of only one year lure there. With two years, even 2.70 percent per year is possible. The best time deposit offer from a German bank comes from pbb directly with 1.75 percent for one year. The IKB Deutsche Industriebank offers 2.28 percent per annum for a two-year term with German deposit insurance.