the Route of travel about a thousand kilometers. The expedition will pass through the water area of Onega and White lakes. Grant for it won Vologda state University.

And the main goal is the promotion of these water bodies as tourist destinations for the development of coastal and water tourism, including youth.

of Course, most delighted guys. They were preparing for this event for almost a year, carefully studied the theory of naval Affairs. Now the received knowledge they can apply in practice.

the Cadets during the trip, will be engaged in ichthyological, hydrobiological and archaeological research. Baby carriages waiting for classes in seamanship and navigation, sailing and first aid.

– I want to learn something new, – says the participant of the expedition of Matvey Kozhevnikov. – Want to learn to knit sea knots. And, of course, to stand at the helm.

the Expedition left on gateley the schooner “Onego pearl”. On this day, were lucky with the weather. There was a strong wind, and the sun was shining, seeing researchers.

As told by captain Eugene Sokolov, in a way, they will be 20 days. During this time, replaced the four children of the crew – students from Vytegra, Vologda, Cherepovets, Kirillov, of Kharovsk, of Kaduy village Churchyard Andoma. The organizers of the trip want as many cadets were able to swim to the schooner and gateley to get acquainted with the history of his native land.

Key activities of a water route round will be devoted to memorable historical dates: the 75th anniversary of the great Victory, the 175th anniversary of the Russian geographical society, the 210th anniversary of the opening of the Mariinsky canal (now the Volga-Baltic waterway), the 450th anniversary of St. Sophia Cathedral – the main temple of the Vologda Kremlin, 580 th anniversary of the icon painter Dionysius and 760-th anniversary of the Transfiguration Spaso-Kamenny monastery.

– Participating in an unusual and exciting journey, our cadets will be able to see and study nature, the sights of the Vologda region and to improve Maritime skills, and possibly be determined with the future profession, – said the Deputy regional Governor Larisa kamanina.

Parents who accompanied their relaxation, soothed by the rector of the Vologda state University Vyacheslav Prijateljev. He assured that everyone has a personal protection team is the medic, every day students will be thermometry. Capelnuu schooner accompanied by a boat with rescuers. And if there’s a storm, the children are transplanted to these boats.

the first baby of the crew was already and the first Parking lot. They went ashore, breaking four gateway of the Volga-Baltic canal, and having reached the village of Deviatiny, known since the XV century, located on the ancient trade the way.

Students visited Devyatinsky Perekop canal, which was dug in the late nineteenth century. Young shipbuilders have learned that work lasted five and a half years. The canal was built by the English way. At the bottom of the future excavation laid an underground tunnel that was reported with the surface 15 of the vertical shafts. In them and dumped in the ground.

Water expedition “Together to the Russian North” will last almost three weeks and will conclude on August 18, the day when for the first time in Russia Day will be celebrated geographer.

Together with a water expedition way off and the rally participants were the students of the Vologda state University and representatives of the Russian geographical society. They will study new tourist routes.

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