Cadastral chamber announced the reduction of terms of information about housing

the Average actual term of providing information from the Unified state register of real estate (egrn) in 2019 amounted to only two days instead of three, established by the legislation, according to the Federal cadastral chamber.

the residents of 37 regions of Russia could receive statements from the state register three times faster. This became possible thanks to the development of mechanisms of electronic interaction and connection of the electronic services.

According to the law to give information of the state register of real estate Cadastral chamber shall, within three days.

Almost 103 million information, the Unified state register of real estate was issued by the Cadastre chamber in 2019.

Just one day on average spent on obtaining extracts from the state register of real estate the residents of the 37 subjects. This Belgorod oblast, Vladimir oblast, Ivanovo oblast, Kaluga oblast, Kostroma oblast, Kursk oblast, Lipetsk oblast, Ryazan oblast, Tambov oblast, Tula oblast, Novgorod oblast, Republic of Adygea, Rostov oblast, Orenburg oblast, Penza oblast, Republic of Bashkortostan, Mari El, Tatarstan, Samara oblast, Saratov oblast, Republic of Udmurtia, Ulyanovsk oblast, Kurgan oblast, Sverdlovsk oblast, Chelyabinsk oblast, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, Zabaykalsky Krai, Irkutsk oblast, Republic of Altai, Republic of Buryatia, Tomsk region, Magadan oblast and the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug, Karachay-Cherkessia, Ingushetia, North Ossetia, Stavropol Krai, the Chechen Republic. Within two days on average of the extract could get the residents of the 33 regions.

“a Maximum reduction of terms of provision of services – the result of systematic work, – said the Deputy Director of the Cadastral chamber of the Udmurt Republic Ekaterina Rubleva. To accelerate workflows, we first of all helped the gradual transition to digital services. So, today the overwhelming Bolisto queries — 93% — in the framework of interagency cooperation with the local authorities come to us in electronic form”.

“where possible, the process of formation of statements were automated, — says the Deputy Director of the Cadastral chamber of the Samara region Jaroslav Logunov. For example, now CPC (Cadastral plan of the territory), almost 100% of cases is automatically generated, reducing the term of service to 5 minutes, although 10 years ago on his training took up to 15 days.”

the Deadline for submission of information from the Unified state register of real estate in the Orenburg region for six years is only one day, the Director of the Cadastral chamber of the Orenburg region Nikolay Vestibule. “This figure was achieved primarily thanks to the professionalism of Cadastral chamber and the proper distribution of labor. – adds the Director of the Cadastral chamber of the Orenburg region. — Work on the preparation of information is a continuous conveyor, which must be no weak places”.

Submit a request to receive information from the egrn in several ways: by submitting an application through the MFC or remotely using one of the available electronic services.

For information egrn through the MFC, you must write an application and provide proof of identity. Additional documents may be required if such statement is submitted by the heir, mortgagee, or Trustee, or if the property in respect of which the request belongs to a minor. When you request the statement using an IFC, the centers should add two days to send the documents to the Cadastral chamber, therefore, to receive a statement through the IFC five business days from the time of the request.

“to extract from the egrn in addition to the electronic services, you can mail and also in the MFC. DOlga of such documents in the region in 2019 amounted to only 11%. In what format to receive data, paper or electronic, the applicant chooses, — says the Deputy Director of the Cadastral chamber of Kursk area Olga Turkish. — This e-statement can be sent electronically, stored on digital media, and print – and even in this case, it will have full legal force”.

“the Completeness and correctness of the data specified by the applicant is a major factor in operational testing request. That is why it is important to know the cadastral number, address, and area of the object, and passport information and social security number of the owner of the property,” – said Olga Turkish.

extract from the egrn is the only document confirming the right of ownership of the property, a source of reliable and objective information about it. Most often, the extract of real estate register is used to confirm ownership rights in the conduct of real estate transactions to determine tax obligations of the property owner, at the opening of the inheritance, of challenging transactions in court, object to use as collateral, in preparing the donation procedure or the preparation of a will, etc. Thus, data from the egrn might need in various situations concerning real estate.

Under current law, to request publicly available information about the property can any citizen. Public information includes information about the main characteristics and the registered rights to object of real estate, as well as information on the transfer of rights to the property.

in September 2019 Cadastral chamber has launched a new online service that allowed to increase the speed of delivery of information register of real estate. Average time spent on receipt of the statement the user of the service, amounted to eight minutes, including the search for and awaiting payment. Sirvis pilot earned in 52 regions of the country: those who already use FGIS the egrn and also in the Kaluga region.

Details of the registry of property received in electronic form, have the same legal force and effect as provided in the form of a paper document. Statements obtained through the service of the Federal cadastral chamber, certified by a reinforced qualified electronic signature.

When using a new service of the Federal cadastral chamber for receiving the information from the Single state register of real estate the waiting time is reduced to a few minutes.