Cabinet update utilities in small towns

Pereslavl-Zalesskiy was not so long ago was noted among the 80 winners of the national competition of the best projects of creation of comfortable urban environment in small towns. Over 90 million rubles, the city will be able to rebuild the waterfront of lake Pleshcheyevo with city beach, resting places, sports and playgrounds. Next year the grant Fund is doubled to 10 billion rubles.

Photo: REUTERS Mishustin instructed to report on the proposals in connection with the coronavirus

In Yaroslavl oblast government officials arrived to see the difficulties faced by the residents that is in small towns. “They are all very different, but a common problem: worn-out utility networks, complexity gasification, bad roads, lack of funds for urban needs. All that we see”, – assured the head of the Cabinet of Ministers at a meeting on their development. In these cities live almost 30 million people.

To help them, the government prepared a new program – “60+”. “It provides for the modernization of municipal infrastructure General wear more than 60 percent – said Mishustin. – For this purpose in 2020 will be allocated 1.5 billion rubles.” Here Pereslavl-Zalesskiy was waiting for another good news – he was among the five pilot cities, where they will check how it will work, and will receive 300 million rubles for the modernization of municipal infrastructure.

the Other four pilot small city – Orsk, Kozmodemyansk, Volzhsk, Belovo. The Ministry of construction and housing has proposed to set the level of co-financing regions is not more than 2-4 percent, the implementation period should not exceed three years, the payback period – no more than five.

Mikhail Mishustin sAvil was that the government fundamentally supports the program. “For us it is a special social problem. If want of special importance. There should be offered a relatively comprehensive approaches, accurate and precise technical solutions, so that the resources are invested with maximum efficiency,” he said.

before the start of the pilot, the Ministry of construction and Ministry of Finance received from the Prime Minister the task to expand the program until 1 July to prepare proposals to 2021 it work for other cities with population of 100 thousand people.

during the meeting, the Prime Minister put an end to the question that troubled many residents of the Yaroslavl region. Pulp and paper mill on the shore of the Rybinsk reservoir will not. “I fully agree with those residents of the region who believe that the plant should not be here. Everyone wants to breathe normal air, drink clean water, and the plant will not impact well on the environmental situation in the region, it will severely worsen,” – said the head of the Cabinet. The company promoting the project, does not provide the documents and information that could refute it. “Therefore, the government clearly does not support this idea. I think we will close the issue”, – concluded Mishustin.

Photo: Sergey Kuksin/RG Michael Mishustin promises to be economic difficulties without shocks

In Kostroma the head of the government had to deal with other issues, although they are characteristic for many regions. So, 200 million rubles will be allocated for the modernization of another hospital. Previously the same amount was promised by the Prime Minister in the Mound.

County hospital district No. 1 of Kostroma – one of the oldest medical institutions of the city (founded in 1902). Premer-the Minister visited the institution and said: externally, the hospital is in good condition, but it depends on which corner to go.

Mishustin showed gynecological office located in the former tannery 1760. Now it is a monument of architecture. The building is worn out, no Elevator, sanitary requirements is not responding. This is to help women in several districts of the region.

Only when looking into the operating room, the Prime Minister acknowledged that the premises did not meet modern standards. And when the doctors spoke about the problem is located on the attic of an old tanning VAT, which cannot be removed because of the status of the structure, Mikhail Mishustin asked to hold it up. Comments about what there it is necessary to climb a thin ladder, did not stop him. On the dark attic of the Prime Minister could see the historic roof structure and preserved the earthen floor.

Later, at a meeting in the administration, the Prime Minister called it unacceptable: the Department of gynecology “suggests anything but a happy motherhood”.

the New government’s program provides for the modernization of municipal infrastructure General wear more than 60 percent of

Doctors, the Prime Minister thanked for their work and dedication and promised change. “The decision we have already taken – agreed that the design documentation now select the money immediately on arrival all will sign. In the amount of 200 million rubles will allocate relevant funds in order to make an addition next to you,” he said.

during the meeting, considerable time was devoted to the question of gasification of the Kostroma region. In the Central region of Russia, showing in recent years, good economic growth and potential, the gas supply only 55 percent.

Photabout: REUTERS/Shamil Zhumatov Mishustin and Rumas discussed the fight against coronavirus

the Most in all senses of the long-awaited project – the construction of the gas pipeline branch “Galich – Ney – Manturovo – Sharya”. He started, said the Governor Sergei Sitnikov, in 2011, but in 2013 the work actually stopped. This coincided with the change of gas supplier in the region. Several times attempts were made to resume the process of gasification of the region. The current version of the “road map” between regional administration and “Gazprom” assumes that the end point of the pipeline will come in the summer of 2022.

Mikhail Mishustin realized that the topic of gasification worthy of a big meeting for the whole of Russia. He asked the Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov together with the gas companies to discuss the situation in the Kostroma region. “And do consider them part of the General situation in the country, he said. Because how can let’s have to complete. Let’s put this question the government under special control and will regularly go back to it”.