” Over the past four years, more than 150 billion rubles have been allocated from the federal budget for these purposes, ” the head of state said on Wednesday, speaking via video link at the opening of social facilities in Dagestan. The President assured that the authorities will continue to develop social and educational infrastructure in all regions of the country.

There should be enough places in Russian schools, and without second and third shifts, the president added.

Putin also noted that the construction of 37 new social facilities has been completed in Dagestan. Moreover, according to the president, 36 of them were built by military builders.

“These are two schools with 700 seats, seven kindergartens with 1,210 seats and 27 nurseries for 5,160 people. The commissioning of these facilities will improve the quality of life in 30 localities of Dagestan at once, ” Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu reported to the head of state during the meeting, He recalled that in total the military should build 73 facilities in Dagestan – 16 schools, 20 kindergartens and 37 nurseries. According to the minister, 27 more objects will be commissioned by the end of the year.