Buzova admitted when you become a mother

Olga Buzova spent several years married footballer Dmitry Tarasov. They broke up in 2016. Then the athlete had an affair with model Anastasia Kostenko. A year later they were married and soon had two children. But Olga only last year found my love. For six months she lives with blogger David Manukyan. Soon the couple plan to move to a house which was built by the presenter.

Fans have several months of wondering why the figure Buzova has changed. Aired with Leroy Kudryavtseva, the girl admitted that they just gained two pounds. However, she touched on the subject of children. The singer asked colleagues that watching her daughter and wasn’t scared to give birth at a Mature age.

“I Have now the cartoons are just beginning yet. Mache is a year and eight months. She was still a little. I told her tales put some cartoons and she is still not very giving,” said Valerie.

“We really wanted to give birth, I would be all for it given. Well scary, but it will set up. I wanted it so bad that it was not terrible. I was engaged from beginning to end. And you-when? Are you ready? Tell me honestly, now you suddenly get pregnant, you’re ready to give birth?”, — asked the blonde.

“Of course! I have never in my life been pregnant. Never! I swear! At the time, a long time ago, when we had a marriage that did not work for certain reasons. But I never was pregnant. If suddenly a miracle will happen, especially when I realize that I have everything in order for my child to be happy, healthy and educated, I gave birth to,” — explained Olga.

“I’m scared”, she added.

The girl’s answer caused the smile on the face of the presenter.

“Oh, Olga! Giving you this send you beremena, beremena, beremena! You’re a good mommy! You will go by the wayside!”, — said Kudryavtsev.

Buzova said that she was very eager to give birth to itself. She did not hide that dreams of a strong and full family. According to her, she decides to have a baby, when I’m sure that her relationship with the second half will last until the end of life.