Jan Köppen replaces Daniel Hartwich and moderates the 16th season of “Jungle Camp” alongside Sonja Zietlow. But after the first episodes, criticism of him is loud. Not only Twitter users describe him as too “colorless”.

All beginnings are difficult. Jan Köppen (39) is feeling the same. For three days he has been moderating the new season “I’m a star – get me out of here!” instead of Daniel Hartwich (44) and has received criticism for it. Ex-jungle queen Désirée Nick (66) does not leave him a good hair and positive comments on Twitter are rather non-existent.

In the “image” format “Jungle Gift” Nick, the jungle queen of 2004, stirs up: “Well, you can’t expect that anyone will ever again be as colourful, as flashy, as comedic as Dirk Bach. This funny dwarf who gave the whole thing the right height.” Jan Köppen, on the other hand, moderated the way he was dressed: “buttoned up, politically correct, neutral and colorless.”

It’s not for the reality star, who would rather have it “loud, colorful, snappy, and edgy.” “It was a premiere and maybe it was more of a dress rehearsal,” Desirée continues. “There is certainly still room for improvement, because he almost acted like a newsreader.” Sharp words – which can also be found on Twitter in a similar way.

A look at the social media is enough to find out: There is hardly any applause for Jan Köppen’s performance. “Jan Köppen just doesn’t fit into this show. The gags seem to have been learned by heart, not at all authentic and not funny, ”complains a user on Twitter and is not alone in his opinion. Comments like “Jan Köppen isn’t funny and should be deleted without replacement” or “Jan Köppen sounds too much like the one Jägermeister in the clip – and live it doesn’t get much more motivated” can also be read.

Many also seem to want Daniel Hartwich back. “Can I mention again how much Daniel Hartwich is missing in the jungle camp?!”. With this question, a Twitter user speaks from the heart of many. But not all.

“Apparently unpopular opinion, but I think Jan Köppen does it absolutely fantastic and I like his energy with Sonja,” puts a Twitter user protectively in front of the jungle newcomer. “Also, comparing two very different people is always kind of unfair. I don’t miss Daniel at all.” Clear message. For many, Köppen’s moderation style could still be developed, as did the humor – but you shouldn’t judge him so harshly. “It was funnier with the other two. That’s why I don’t dislike him. Everything takes time.” And he gets it. The doors to the jungle camp have only just been opened.

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