Coronavirus infection COVID-19 will be with humanity always, but that is no reason for concern. About the doctor, Alexander Myasnikov said “”.

In December, as reported by “Rambler” in China, the outbreak started in the incidence of infection COVID-19, which causes the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. According to recent figures, worldwide, the number of cases exceeded 18.5 million people. The resorts in Turkey have recorded a surge in the incidence of coronavirus infection.

“I don’t see any reason to panic,” — said today the butchers, the chief physician of the Moscow City clinical hospital of a name of Radkevich (GKB №71).

He called the growing number of cases in the Turkish resorts is logical because the chances of getting infected are higher where more people.


Also, the doctor urged not to worry about the coronavirus as such and not react to every spike in the incidence of infection that it causes, because he will be with humanity always, and to worry only for severe cases.

He added that the vaccine against coronavirus infection is to protect from severe acute disease, but no disease at all.