Serious allegations against a former employee of the training ship in Duisburg: The employee is said to have sexually harassed numerous trainees. That’s what the media report. So far, however, he has not had to fear any legal consequences.

As “RP Online” reports, an employee of the training ship in Duisburg is said to have sexually harassed several trainees. At least ten women are affected.

The training ship has been a training and further education center for the inland shipping industry since 1948. However, this is no ordinary school. Instead, prospective bargemen live there in the vocational colleges during their courses. The trainees from shipping companies from all over Germany come to Duisburg for this. On board the training ship, the trainees can sometimes take first-aid courses and courses in handling dangerous goods. The ship is operated by the Federal Association of German Inland Shipping (BDB).

According to information from “RP Online”, the allegations date back up to a year. The newspaper refers to the statements of two women. It tells the story of 18-year-old Clarissa, whose name has been changed for her safety.

The young lady speaks of initially harmless news, which, however, should quickly cross borders. Accordingly, the man, who is almost twice his age, openly expressed his intention in his last message. “You could have something together, right?” It apparently says.

The man is said to have worked on the training ship in Duisburg-Homberg until the end of last year. As Clarissa reports, he was popular. Compliance with the on-board rules was therefore irrelevant to him. Instead, after the courses, he met and celebrated with vocational students on board.

Alcohol flowed, and there were also drugs. “He pulled coke with the trainees,” Clarissa told RP Online. Minors are also said to have been part of the party excesses.

There is actually a general ban on alcohol and drugs on board the ship. Foreign cabins may not be entered either. In addition, the BDB has confirmed a so-called “arm’s length agreement”, which is intended to provide the necessary distance between employees and trainees. An anonymous complaint mailbox was also set up.

According to Clarissa, however, the measures do not fulfill their purpose. Although the man didn’t touch her, “something definitely happened with others.” According to Clarissa, the women were often so drunk that they couldn’t defend themselves.

Compared to “RP Online”, another trainee is said to have affirmed the attacks. The BDB also stated on request that in the past an employee had violated “the basic rules of the training ship” and was therefore dismissed.

So far, the former employee has not had to fear any legal consequences. The women should refrain from reporting so far. According to Clarissa, they were told on the ship that too little had happened for legal action.