the Krasnoyarsk businessman Anatoly Bykov, who was arrested on charges of organizing a double murder and are in jail, wrote an open letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Scan treatment posted in Facebook restaurateur and former MP Vladimir Vladimirov, the attention it drew and propublica “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

In a letter to Bulls calls himself a patriot of Russia and its people. “The elite of our society, the pride of Russia, heroes of the Soviet Union, heroes of social labour, Olympic Champions (…) made for me by the guarantors on the court. And what we saw? The court did not believe all these distinguished people, the court believed the other side, people who have more than 25 years in prison. That’s me, alarmed,” writes the prisoner (here and below the author’s spelling preserved — ed. “Of the”).

“I am already 20 years ago, took place in Moscow, in the Meshchansky court. From my side, the witnesses — deputies of the State Duma, deputies of the Legislative Assembly, a military officer and current employees of the criminal investigation, they also the court refused to trust and believe the other side criminals. Then I realized that something in our country is not as it should be in a democratic state. But then there was a motive — the redistribution of the aluminum industry in the country, and I have taken a firm position that Krasnoyarsk aluminium smelter remained in the Krasnoyarsk region (…) Now the time has shown that I was right and then the people of the Krasnoyarsk territory supported me, and today we all see what we came up with,” said Bykov.

“And people that are not afraid of anyone or anything in prison, for faithful service to the country and its people,” concluded the businessman.

the Bulls were arrested and placed in jail in early may on charges of murder of two inhabitants of Krasnoyarsk Cyril Voitenko and Aleksander Naumov in 1994. According to investigators, in the first half of 1994 Naumova, who was a member of the gang, led by Bykov, arose with it the conflict because of the unjust, in his opinion, the distribution of income from joint ventures. As a result, between them there was a mutual personal dislike. Some time later, in front of the car, which drove the Bulls, the explosion occurred. He decided that the attempt should Naumov and his friend Kirill Voitenko. The bulls had instructed his good friend Vladimir Tatarenkov to organize the murder of both. He brought members of his gang of killers, who began to follow Naumov and Voitenko. July 24, 1994, the killers of Sergei Bakurov and Mr Cuckow shot them from a rifle and pistol in the car. Tatarenkov is serving a 13-year period.