Brussels –

In Strombeek-Bever is a Wednesday afternoon, the general manager of a pizza restaurant and gunned down. Notification to the public prosecutor’s office of Halle-Vilvoorde. The emergency services tried to free the man, still have to administer cpr, but he died from his injuries.

A witness called at about 17: 15 hrs. in the emergency services, because he was going on and had heard about the pizza place in the Sint-Amandsstraat. On-the-spot encountered in the emergency service to the seriously injured director of. The man had to be at least one schotwonde the customer. He was resuscitated, but it is the on-the-spot died from his injuries.

The public prosecutor’s office and sent to the laboratory of a law doctor, and a wapendeskundige on-the-spot at a crime scene and the cause of death to go around. There has been a judicial investigation for murder. The public prosecutor’s office and will be available later this evening with the judge on the spot to get off.