I’m really an old bone. But politically, I can rely on my experience and I’m à jour. From a scene in the Federal house, however, I will not be smart. I’m doing a little Test.

let us Suppose I asked the following question: Can override a Federal official for a decision of the Federal Council? The answer is easy. His decision can, however, correct only the Federal Council. Wrong. The official can. Only recently happened.

the duration of the topic suddenly acutely

In Buochs, Nidwalden, produce the Pilatus aircraft works, the plane PC-21. A model for Private and business people. In this division, Pilatus is the world market leader. In Buochs about 2000 employees. The success has a name: Oscar J. Schwenk. The designer, then Director, now President of the Board of Directors. Pivot is the soul of the company. For about three weeks, he no longer understands, Switzerland.

The ruling dynasties in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are good, but difficult customer. Your military use the PC-21 not only for business flights. Wars you can with this pilot light-weight can hardly win. I seem to recall the use of military force was the subject. Because Foreign and economic Department two years ago, odds were, approved by the quorum in the Federation Council, the then Export.

the Federal Council approved, official bans

Now, the Minister of foreign Affairs has responded to subsequently. Pilate had to give up starting in September, the maintenance of the PC-21 in these countries. Under the disposal of the officials Fulvio Massard, Department of Private security services has signed. The business was contrary to the foreign policy goals of the Federal government. It was as if the export licence has been granted.

I don’t argue about whether this business is morally responsible. Politics and morality are not twins. It bothers me that a Department chief officer officer may prohibit what has been approved by the Federal Council. This no longer have a suspensive effect. The legal certainty is gone. The pivot must the contract be brittle. Hundreds of jobs were at stake.

The Federal Council is silent in all languages of the country. So that won’t work.

Helmut Hubacher (93) was from 1975 to 1990, President of the SP Switzerland. He writes every second Wednesday of the VIEW.