Burglars does not hold back in these coronatider.

on Wednesday night there was burglary at Ruth’s Hotel, and on the night of Thursday, o’clock 02.21 sounded the alarm on Henne Mølle Å Badehotel on the North sea.

Where had the thieves succeeded in stealing 23 Pendant PH-lamps, three trearmede chandeliers and a PH-lamp of the type ‘the Artichoke’.

the Lamps hung in the restaurant, and it is also here that the thieves have smashed a glass pane in a door, as they could come into the ad.

“It is some, who have thought over things. They’ve known where the alarm was. You can’t see from the outside. And they have simply turned the here alarm, so as not to give a signal to the alarm panel that there is a break-in. The alarm only tells that it has been turned on and turned off again. It is what we call a tamper alarm,” tells the head of Henne Mølle Å badehotel, Allan Jylov to B. T.

the Guards from vagtfirmaet and the police was on the spot at 03.00 am, and here were the thieves gotten away with the lamps.

“the Lamps were custom made, and they were all engraved with Henne Mølle Å Badehotel. I don’t think that the thieves have been aware of. So I hope that they will be difficult to sell,” says Allan Jylov.

Allan Jylov tells that he has slept at the hotel, for that it should not be completely empty. They have closed down because of coronavirussen, and Allan Jylov were also at the hotel, since the intruders came to visit:

“I heard, thankfully, not the burglary. And I am also happy. What would I have done? I was alone, and I am sure that there have been not only one burglar. The lamps are made of glass. They weigh a part, and it is not some, you just throw into a car. They have to be packed into,” says Allan Jylov.

He says further, that the thieves had also cut the tires up on his car, which is kept parked out in front of the hotel:

“That they have enough done, so they were sure that I couldn’t follow after them,” concludes Allan Jylov, who will believe that which has been stolen for a total of between 250,000 to 500,000 crowns. Perhaps even more so.

South Jutland Police confirms that they have received a notification about the burglary.