The Museum is currently closed due to the Corona-crisis. The break-in occurred, according to the police in the night to Monday.

The burglars stole the paintings with the title “the spring garden. The parochial garden of Nuenen” from the year 1884. The work was on loan to the Groninger Museum. What is the value of the image is, not shared with the Museum first. imago images / UIG

Van Gogh stolen from the factory: burglar

came in the middle of the night The burglars were penetrated according to the police, against 3.15 at through the glass main entrance door. This was triggered, according to the police of the Alarm. Officials were immediately driven to the Museum, but the perpetrators were gone already. It is only the Van Gogh was stolen painting.

“A wonderful and moving painting of one of our greatest artists has been stolen, the community,” said Museum Director Jan Rudolph de Lorm in an Internet-transferred statement. “I am shocked and incredibly angry.” Andreas Blum, Director of the Groninger Museum responded shocked. “This is a theft from all of us.”

picture was taken in the garden of the parents of the artist

Van Gogh (1853-1890) had painted the picture in the garden of his parents in the southern Netherlands place of Nuenen. There his father had been pastor. The parish garden was, according to the Museum, a place of peace and Inspiration for the young painter. The work was shown in the exhibition “mirror of the soul” with works by Dutch artists around 1900.

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