– I understand that all shall be with pay, and we have perhaps paid too little, but to go from 3700 € to 457 000 is quite horribelt, says styreleiar Pål Nes in burettslaget Torvteigen 2.

the Municipality changed the regulations after kommunesamanslåinga. For 2020 sends them out a fee for each of the 127 leilegheitene in burettslaget. Until 2019 paid burettslaget only a fee for all. The change in debt service fee for water and sewer, and not consumption.


Pål Nes victory this will make it almost impossible to keep the budget.

– We try as best we can, but then we also have a little overview of what rekningar which is to come, he says.

He says that he got to know about the great rekninga before now. At the contact with the municipality, he says that he was told that they had announced this on Facebook in December. It seems he is not good enough.

Pål Nes is styreleiar in burettslaget Torvteigen 2.

Photo: Private / NRK

I will be surprised that it is possible to increase a fee as much without a proper warning on it. They should sent a letter to all burettslaga, and in any case to the Obos, ” he says.

request description

Now, the five largest burettslaga in Ålesund been together about a letter to the appointed interim mayor Eva Vinje Arms, where they ask for an explanation.

” In these special times, it is more being laid off. Control on budget and expenditures is therefore extra important. It then becomes very unpredictable when such fee is introduced. There is also a significantly less work with our devices, then there is a shared water meter and not individually per apartment. We ask the mayor to take action relating to the fee and return it to the 2019 level, or greatly reduce the fee. It does not stand in relation to the cost principle you claim the fee rests on.”

Burettslaget Torvteigen 2 have because of koronakrisa reduced husleiga for all leilegheitene in may with 35 per cent. This is equivalent to 2500 nok for the largest leilegheitene. The Nes seems also the municipality should think so.


Ålesund municipality has received many complaints after that innbyggarane in the new storkommunen had rekninga on municipal taxes.

the Municipality has also gone out against debattane in social media because they think people come with the counterfeit heroics.

– I’ve got a part e-mail messages with the images of the invoices in the past, yes, ” says varaordførar in Ålesund His Krogsæter (Sp).

He understands that people react to gebyrauken, and says that those who think this is urimeleg, complaint. But he points out that the goal is that everyone should have likast possible fee, regardless of what type of house they live in.

– It is possible to complain on fees, it should and they also do, and so we have to look at it. What is clear is that because of kommunesamanslåinga we need to coordinate the rules from municipality to municipality.

His Krogsæter (Sp) is varaordførar in Ålesund municipality, and was appointed interim mayor in the old Haram kommune, here, together with the appointed interim mayor in Ålesund, Eva Vinje Arms.

Photo: Hans-Olav Landsverk / NRK

Krogsæter says that they that dwell in: in the former Haram of the municipality has always paid a fee for every apartment, so burettslaga in the old Ålesund municipality no respond to, but they have to return now gained a greater increase in kloakkavgifta.

He points out that the Ålesund municipality also has large investments rather than to modernize the water – and avløpsanlegga.

When the municipalities also had different practices, so understand I that people respond when we now coordinate this effort.

He says the matter must be up to the new political administration of the municipal taxes shall be changed.